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It's all about getting the most from your camera, and having fun at the same time!


When you meet Steve O'Sullivan for the first time,  you realise he is pretty relaxed and laid back. It's obvious he loves photography (he's taught photography at night classes for more than six years) - and he's very popular: he already has enquiries and bookings through until Next Year!

Every photographer has a 'style' - Steve specialised in relaxed, informal, creative and fun wedding images.
Steve was one of New Zealand's leading wedding photographers.
"I've photographed over 207 weddings, in parks, gardens, beside streams, on beaches and even on the side of a mountain..!"

Steve is based near Hamilton, and has now retired from weddings, now concentrating his talents on teaching others.
Variety is a big part of Steve's life: he teaches photography, writes short stories, designs websites, and is an on-line artist.





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